We feature The Overlords book series, a set of epic fantasy novels.  Seven men and a special dog embark on a journey to find the coveted Treasure of the Land, the bounty left behind by the ancient Four Kings. Harrison Cross, a young, orphaned warrior always dreamed of the day when he would join his fellow adventurers and find the land’s most sacred prize.  Along the way, they find that their quest would not come easy.  Lord Nigel Hammer and his ruthless army seem to always be one step ahead of them.  The evil humanoid race, known as the Scynthians, craves nothing more than to eradicate human existence from the world.  With all these perils, and more, the brave men from Aegeus push on for the benefit of mankind…

The first book of The Overlords series is titled Legend of the Treasure. In this book, our heroes set out in search of the fabled Treasure of the Land.

The second book of The Overlords series is The Talisman of Unification, where Harrison and his friends discover a seemingly insignificant leather-bound scripture.

Journey to Salvation, the thrilling third book in The Overlord series, finds our hero, Harrison Cross, and his fellow adventurers returning to the young warrior's hometown of Aegeus in an effort to reunite all of humanity.



Overlord Enterprises is currently the umbrella for two holdings:  The Overlords (book series) and Self Publishing Insight (author consultants). 



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