Overlord Enterprises (OE) offers presentations on "The Concepts of Writing and Publishing", writers workshops, school and library visits, self-publishing assistance, and so much more! For more information or to take advantage of the services we offer, email mike@the-overlords.com.

School & Library Visits


Have an expert come directly to your class or library!  One of the most important things that we try to do is inspire children to be creative, believe in themselves, and write that story that they have in their head.  We’ll gladly coordinate with you to schedule a trip to your middle school, high school, or even college-level classes.

Writing Workshops


Writing Workshops focus on more of the fundamentals of writing and crafting a novel. These workshops are intended for those who wish to further their understanding of creative writing, where an expert gives a hands-on approach to the  Four-Pass editing technique and inspires authors to complete their work.

One-on-One Consulting


The apex of our services  brings an expert with 20+ years of writing experience to your living room (or wherever else you want to meet).  Specific discussion and tactics centers around your work, your writing, your book and your goals.  Topics beyond writing include how publishing and marketing interweave optimally for you.

Speaking & Signings


Mike Squatrito, author of The  Overlords epic fantasy book series, has been writing for over 20 years.  You can book this energetic, extremely knowledgable force for your next event!  Mike has been speaking in front of audiences of all ages for many years and is always lauded for his incredible personality.